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Malta Gaming Authority Cancels Tipbet’s Authorisation: Immediate Action Required

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has announced a significant decision that declares Tipbet’s authorization to operate terminated with immediate effect. It is a company with long-term implications on it that needs quick steps taken to comply with regulations.

The Consequences of the Cancellation

The company has been hit hard by the withdrawal of Tipbet’s authorization. Primarily, every gaming operation has to be stopped with immediate effect while registration of new players is put on hold. Despite this, for those who are already part of it, withdrawing what they had left would certainly be possible since their accounts are still active; hence they should feel free without any restrictions at all during this withdrawal process which should take place within a few weeks at most—However not making any withdrawals indicates an assumption that winnings were obtained unfairly or unlawfully established ways of winning such money instead of mere luck so one can decide accordingly whether any withdrawal will be made during this period without compromising oneself later in life. Furthermore, refunds must be made by all players who have legitimate money according to the Gaming Act (Chaper583 of the Laws of Malta).

Compliance Requirements

Tipbet has to settle any overdue fees it owes to the MGA within five days of the effective date. Moreover, an elaborate transaction report supported by bank statements must be sent to the MGA within seven days not only to show that all player funds have been refunded. In addition, Tipbet must grant the MGA permissions to access important facilities for extracting and copying the key regulatory data referred to in the Gaming Definitions Regulations (S.L. 583.04).

Removal of References

Finally, Tipbet must take off the materials that refer to the MGA and its authorization in line with the Gaming Act’s Article 51. This decision can be contested following the conditions stated in the Gaming Act, Article 43 (1).


It is important to note that it is not the first time that the MGA has revoked an authorization. The previous authorization of Super7plus was also revoked by the MGA earlier this year. This move highlights the need for adherence to gaming industry regulatory standards.


The gaming business was significantly shaken when the authorization of Tipbet was called off. The company has no option but to dish back players’ money, stop any betting processes, and provide the right facilities. The whole thing shows how significant observance of these laws is.

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