OpenBet Strengthens Partnership with Vixio for Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

In a strategic move to bolster its regulatory compliance capabilities, OpenBet has taken steps to deepen its partnership with Vixio Regulatory Intelligence. This collaboration aims to optimize the compliance capacity of OpenBet’s technology units, which operate across a vast expanse of 44 jurisdictions globally. Considered a pivotal partnership, this renewed commitment underscores OpenBet’s dedication to ensuring the adherence of its tech platforms and systems to regulatory requirements in all corresponding markets.

A Strong Foundation: OpenBet and Vixio’s Ongoing Collaboration

OpenBet has already benefited from Vixio’s intelligence tools and market monitoring resources. This support became particularly valuable following a series of highly successful market launches and client acquisitions in North America. The collaboration has proved instrumental in helping OpenBet navigate the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance.

Dealmakers involved in this partnership have expressed their commitment to leveraging Vixio’s cutting-edge platform continually. OpenBet’s compliance and business development executives will employ Vixio’s industry-leading tools to conduct meticulous research on new opportunities in both established and emerging global markets. Moreover, they will instantly compare policy and regulatory requirements across various U.S. states and international jurisdictions. Additionally, Vixio’s resources will support OpenBet’s policy engagement and advocacy efforts.

Jessica Feil, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance at OpenBet, praised the partnership, stating, “Vixio offers us a solution that we use daily across our organization. It gives us the ability to open up a dialogue with regulators, armed with supporting data to ensure that we act as good partners without compromising our growth ambitions or commercial success.”

Vixio: A Global Authority in Market Monitoring

Vixio Regulatory Intelligence stands as a globally recognized leader in the realm of market monitoring, particularly in the gambling industry. Their intelligence solution provides a comprehensive view of past, present, and future trends, drawing from a vast database that spans over 16 years. This extensive data repository meticulously tracks changes in industry compliance, offering invaluable insights for organizations like OpenBet.

Mike Woolfrey, Chief Executive Officer at Vixio, expressed his delight at OpenBet’s continued trust in their partnership. “We are delighted that OpenBet has selected us again as their preferred regulatory compliance partner,” Woolfrey said. He continued, “We are committed to supporting their ongoing growth as regulated sports betting expands outside of Europe, into North and Latin America, and beyond.”

A Symbiotic Partnership

The partnership between OpenBet and Vixio Regulatory Intelligence is characterized by its mutual benefit. OpenBet gains access to Vixio’s wealth of regulatory intelligence, enhancing its ability to operate seamlessly across various jurisdictions. Meanwhile, Vixio’s reputation as a trusted source of market monitoring solutions is bolstered by OpenBet’s continued reliance on its platform.

The Significance of Regulatory Compliance in the Gambling Industry

In the highly regulated world of online gambling and sports betting, adherence to regulatory requirements is of paramount importance. Ensuring compliance not only safeguards an organization’s reputation but also opens doors to new opportunities in both established and emerging markets. It is in this context that OpenBet’s partnership with Vixio Regulatory Intelligence takes on even greater significance.

OpenBet’s Global Reach

OpenBet, a subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation, stands as a global leader in technology solutions for the betting and gaming industry. Operating in over 44 jurisdictions worldwide, they offer extensive support to numerous online gaming operators. Their unwavering commitment to compliance, combined with their dedication to providing a seamless gaming experience, positions them as a trusted industry partner. Moreover, OpenBet’s cutting-edge technology is the driving force behind the betting and gaming experiences for a wide range of clients.

Vixio Regulatory Intelligence: An Overview

Vixio Regulatory Intelligence has earned its reputation as a premier provider of market monitoring solutions for the global gambling industry. Moreover, their comprehensive intelligence platform is powered by a robust database that spans more than 16 years. Consequently, it stands out as one of the most extensive sources of regulatory information available today.

Furthermore, Vixio’s solutions are strategically designed to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance. As a result, they enable these businesses to confidently expand their operations. In essence, Vixio empowers organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving global gambling industry.

The Evolution of Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape for the gambling industry has evolved significantly in recent years. As governments and regulatory bodies seek to protect consumers and ensure the integrity of gaming operations, the requirements for compliance have become increasingly stringent. This evolution necessitates a proactive approach to compliance management, and this is where Vixio’s intelligence tools come into play.

Leveraging Vixio’s Intelligence Tools

OpenBet’s decision to deepen its partnership with Vixio Regulatory Intelligence is a testament to the value of Vixio’s intelligence tools. These tools provide OpenBet with a competitive edge by enabling its compliance and business development teams to conduct thorough research. This research encompasses opportunities in both established markets and emerging regions, offering a comprehensive view of regulatory requirements.

Navigating the Complex U.S. Market

The United States, with its patchwork of state-level regulations, presents a particularly intricate landscape for online gambling and sports betting operators. OpenBet’s utilization of Vixio’s platform to compare policy and regulatory requirements across various U.S. states is a crucial strategic move. It allows OpenBet to stay ahead of regulatory changes and ensure seamless compliance, regardless of the jurisdiction.

A Data-Driven Approach to Regulatory Engagement

One of the key benefits of Vixio’s intelligence tools is their data-driven approach to regulatory engagement. As a result, OpenBet can now engage with regulators more effectively, armed with comprehensive data and insights. This data-driven approach fosters constructive dialogues with regulatory authorities. Consequently, it facilitates cooperation and ensures that OpenBet’s operations align with regulatory expectations.

Vixio’s Unique Database: A Valuable Resource

At the heart of Vixio’s intelligence platform lies a unique database that spans over 16 years of regulatory changes in the gambling industry. This database is a treasure trove of information that assists organizations like OpenBet in staying abreast of evolving compliance requirements. It serves as a roadmap for navigating the regulatory landscape and making informed decisions.

A Shared Commitment to Compliance

The collaboration between OpenBet and Vixio Regulatory Intelligence signifies a joint dedication to compliance and responsible business practices. In an ever-evolving global gambling industry, maintaining regulatory compliance is paramount to achieving success. With this in mind, OpenBet’s strategic decision to deepen its partnership with Vixio is a calculated move. It positions the company for long-term growth and prosperity within the constantly shifting regulatory landscape.

In Summary

OpenBet’s decision to deepen its partnership with Vixio Regulatory Intelligence is a significant step in its ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance. By leveraging Vixio’s intelligence tools and market monitoring resources, OpenBet is poised to navigate the complex regulatory landscape with confidence. This partnership not only ensures adherence to regulatory requirements but also opens doors.

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