Galaxsys: Lighting Up the Sky in Belgium

In the ever-evolving landscape of online gaming, partnerships that broaden horizons and enhance the player experience are nothing short of a spectacle. Galaxsys, a prominent supplier of fast and skill games, has stepped into the spotlight in Belgium, thanks to its newfound alliance with

The Extravaganza, an online casino game and sports betting platform, takes center stage as a product of the esteemed Gaming1 Group. This group orchestrates a harmonious symphony of both online brands and land-based establishments in Belgium and France. With their deep roots in the gaming industry, is a pivotal player in the Belgian gaming market.

Galaxsys: The Shining Star

Belgian players are in for a dazzling treat as Galaxsys steps into the arena. Galaxsys offers a bouquet of fast-paced games such as Coin Flip, Roulette X, Scratch Map, and engaging skill games like Backgammon. This new collaboration paints a canvas of gaming variety and excitement for the players.

A Symbiotic Dance of Innovation

Gil Soffer, the SVP of Sales and Business Development at Galaxsys, expressed his enthusiasm. He noted the pleasure of working with the Gaming1 Group. The Gaming1 Group has over three decades of industry experience. Also, they have etched a reputation for innovation and delivering exceptional digital gaming experiences. As they join forces with, players can anticipate a splendid portfolio. Furthermore, this comprises over twenty-six fast and skill games, including instant, crash, mines, and Plinko games. The stage is set for players to revel in these new and thrilling gaming experiences.’s Overture

David Carrion is the COO Interactive at Gaming1. He proudly highlighted’s position as a Belgian leader in games of chance. Their unwavering commitment to providing entertainment knows no bounds. Also, this is reflected in their extensive catalogue of games. The collaboration with Galaxsys is going to improve the entertainment experience. Players will have more fun and enjoy innovative games. Additionally, Belgian gaming enthusiasts will get access to cutting-edge games. These games are made possible by the latest iGaming technologies. The bond between players and the brand will also be strengthened. It’s a grand performance that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Expanding the Gaming1 Universe

The resonance of Gaming1 Group’s influence extends beyond the boundaries of Belgium. In a recent development, one of their other brands,, has entered into a partnership with Swintt. Moreover, this collaboration is designed to assist Swintt in its journey of expansion into the Dutch online gaming market. It’s a testament to the group’s commitment to making its mark on the global stage.

The dazzling world of online gaming requires players to carefully choreograph every move they make. The collaboration between Galaxsys and shines like a star in this world. Also, it blends innovation, entertainment, and player-centric experiences harmoniously to create a showstopper that will captivate Belgian gaming enthusiasts. Finally, this partnership unfolds as a testament to the enduring appeal of gaming and the drive to continually raise the bar for players’ enjoyment.

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