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Exclusive Release: Ronaldinho Spins by Booming Games on Betano

Booming Games has recently unveiled its latest creation, Ronaldinho Spins, exclusively on the Betano platform. For the last two months, Betano has been the sole platform in Brazil where players could enjoy this game before its broader network release.

The Collaboration and Its Significance

Last November, Booming Games announced that they had partnered with Ronaldinho Gaúcho, the legendary footballer for whom Ronaldinho Spins was developed. To place Ronaldinho’s face on any betting machine, one could argue that this partnership means so much more than just making bets online since even Betano, managed by Kaizen Gaming-a well-known online casino operator has now become Dixie Dean’s partner in the production of machines. Kaizen never wanted to be invisible like Dixie Dean simply because they were the main sponsor of Copa America from which they even gained more fame; now they are the same people who have made sure all the people enjoy seeing Ronaldinho Spins of Copa America version in their browsers or wherever else they want.

Booming Games developed its market presence by partnering with Aardvark Technologies in the current month. This collaboration aims to incorporate Booming Games sites into Aardvark’s platform so operators and clients in Africa can access its games. The firm’s games will increase availability following this strategic step, which will also help them establish themselves deeply in different markets.

Enthusiastic Statements from Booming Games’ Executives

The exclusive release of Ronaldinho Spins on Betano has filled Max Niehusen with joy. As the CEO of Booming Games, he remarked: “I am excited beyond measure to be sharing this very important news about our forthcoming title Ronaldinho Spins which will only debut at Betano together with none other than the iconic superstar Ronaldinho Gaúcho”. He added, “This partnership exhibits what it means to have fun and be creative as a company.”

Frederik Niehusen stated that he was proud to collaborate. His satisfaction with the partnership was also expressed, “We are very proud of the collaboration with Kaizen Gaming and the availability of our game on Betano, one of the top premium brands in Brazil and globally. This is another interesting chapter in our journey and we are excited about bringing unrivaled fun to all players worldwide”. This statement shows how much the company aims to become international and offers customers excellent gambling services.

Kaizen Gaming’s Perspective

This partnership emphasizes Kaizen Gaming’s status as one of the front-runners in the industry, thanks to its commitment to providing its players with prime entertainment. The collaboration between Booming Games and Ronaldinho Gaúcho has been instrumental in delivering a top-quality gaming experience which we are well pleased to offer through our platform. It is in this light that Antonio Lamagna, Head of RNG at Kaizen Gaming expressed his appreciation. His declaration mentions the advantages that the partnership had in store and the role it had to play in the company’s top-spot status.

Betano’s Expansion into the UK Market

In May 2024, Betano forays its way into the UK market by agreeing upon a partnership with BVGroup. This move brings along with it more benefits for UK clients like boosted bets and bet builders as well as better security for betting, hence lowering risks related to gambling such as addiction among others. Consequently, as part of capturing more market share, improving customer experience as well as building its brand name as one that offers first-class services over the Internet.

To conclude, the exceptional introduction of Ronaldinho Spins at Betano by Booming Games signifies an important milestone that characterizes innovativeness at its peak in providing high-quality fun. The partnership with Ronaldinho and Kaizen gaming as well as the Aardvark Technologies strategic alignment and the company venturing into the British market are clear indicators of how dedicated Booming Game is towards expanding as well as becoming the best in the video gaming business.

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