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A New Horizon for Strategic Leadership Changes Happened, a pioneering force in lottery-based technology, has unveiled strategic leadership changes that underscore its commitment to global expansion. These changes, marked by the appointments of Matthew McGahan as CEO, President, and Secretary, and Gregory Potts as COO, reflect the company’s ambitious growth trajectory.

Navigating Future Horizons: Matthew McGahan Assumes the Helm as CEO

In a significant move, Matthew McGahan, previously the interim CEO since July 2023, now takes the reins as the CEO, President, and Secretary of McGahan’s illustrious career includes chairing and founding Magic Automotive Group. Notably, he played a pivotal role as a founding member of United Capital Investments Limited (UCIL) in 2015.

A Steadfast Leader: McGahan’s Proven Track Record

McGahan’s ascension to the CEO position signals a strategic shift for His tenure as interim CEO has already demonstrated his capacity to steer the company toward success. His past accomplishments, particularly as the Chairman of and the Founder of Magic Automotive Group, showcase a leader with a keen understanding of diverse business landscapes.

McGahan’s Vision for

McGahan conveyed gratitude, saying, “I’m honored for the trust to navigate‘s future.” He thanked the Board for their trust in both him and Greg. This expresses his commitment to innovate and ensure sustained growth for McGahan’s enthusiasm reflects a dedication to steering the company toward a promising future. In addition to this, his statement underscores a shared vision for progress and success. His acknowledgment of trust emphasizes the collaborative effort needed for’s continued advancement.

Strategic Expertise: Gregory Potts Assumes the Role of COO

Gregory Potts, the new Chief Operating Officer, complements McGahan’s appointment with his extensive experience. As a trustee of, a subsidiary, Potts brings a wealth of insights. Formerly the Global VP of Affiliate Success, he boasts 25 years of strategic growth and marketing expertise. McGahan’s appointment and Potts’ entrance mark a pivotal moment for the company’s leadership. However, Potts’ current role as a trustee highlights his diverse skills beyond operational responsibilities. Moreover, his transition from Global VP to COO signifies a strategic alignment for continued success.

Building on a Foundation of Success: Potts’ Journey with

Potts’ journey within has been marked by his role as the former Global VP of Affiliate Success. His transition to the position of COO signifies a strategic move to capitalize on his extensive experience. Notably, his tenure as a trustee of adds a unique perspective to his leadership approach.

Optimism Amidst Innovation: Potts’ Vision for the Future

Expressing his enthusiasm, Potts stated, “Joining forces with Matthew, our Board, and stakeholders to elevate the brand globally is an exhilarating opportunity. The potential for growth and innovation here is immense, and I’m extremely optimistic about what we can achieve together.” As a result, this sentiment reflects Potts’ unwavering confidence in’s potential for global prominence.

Strategic Impetus: Leveraging Experience for Future Growth

These leadership appointments are not merely changes in personnel but strategic maneuvers aimed at propelling to new heights. The collective experience of McGahan and Potts is poised to act as a catalyst for the company’s growth, aligning with its vision for sustained innovation and global influence.

Charting the Course: McGahan and Potts as Pioneers of Transformation

McGahan’s appointment as CEO and Potts’ elevation to COO symbolize a strategic alignment of visionary leaders. Their collaborative efforts are expected to chart a course for’s transformation, setting the stage for unprecedented success in the competitive landscape of lottery-based technology.

A Unified Vision: Steering Towards Global Recognition

McGahan assumes leadership; Potts plays a crucial role, solidifying on a global scale. Additionally, their combined styles and experiences forge a unified vision, breaking geographical barriers. Moreover, is positioned as a lottery industry powerhouse, transcending boundaries. Consequently, their leadership elevates the company’s global standing. Despite this, their roles mark a pivotal shift in’s trajectory.

Catalyzing Growth: The Road Ahead for foresees a significant shift in trajectory due to leadership changes. Fresh perspectives, alongside McGahan and Potts’ expertise, position the company for growth. Consequently, innovation and global recognition become more attainable for This infusion of perspectives and experience propels the company forward. Furthermore, it fosters sustained growth and solidifies its global standing in the industry. Despite these changes, aims for continued evolution and expansion.

Strategic Alignment: Transformative Leadership for a New Era

The strategic alignment of McGahan and Potts signifies more than routine leadership changes. It heralds a transformative era for, where innovation, strategic foresight, and global recognition converge to shape the company’s future.

Beyond Boundaries: Unleashing the Potential of

The appointment of Matthew McGahan as CEO and Gregory Potts as COO signals a crucial turning point. Their strategic vision and shared commitment to innovation and global expansion position for success. This marks a pivotal juncture in the company’s journey, shaping its future in lottery-based technology. Furthermore, their leadership underscores a commitment to dynamic growth and influence in the industry. Despite challenges, the duo’s appointment enhances’s potential for success in the evolving landscape. The company’s trajectory is now geared towards a future defined by achievements and global impact.

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